There are often business failures happening due various unpredicted reasons, and that is something any businessman is dealing with every morning after breakfast, but there are also mistakes that may not be allowed. Mistakes that are 100% leading to failure. Mistakes you were aware of. Mistakes as:
Any business requires to begin with a business plan, that is no secret, but in today’s world of advanced tech its getting ridiculously hard to sell even good software due tremendous competition.
There were times when huge companies of hundreds of employees had just a few strange people in their staff that were managing computers and adjusting printers. Now that time has changed and IT departments are huge and are bringing colossal profit there are still tasks many of them are wasting time on as they were the ones always responsible for such things.
Disclaimer: Software is evolving, but what is actually moving the progress? Apparently it’s end-user who are to gain from all the benefits of the 21-st century. But are users ever satisfied with software quality? They were some time ago when only programmers were dealing with software. The less tech-savvy people are getting their hands on all kinds of apps the less they are satisfied with the results. Where is this leading us?
A lot is expected from a web Developer today and when there is ‘a lot’ involved there will be confusion. The amount of skills and abilities with today’s tools and technologies is more than impressive but are they all essential. Moreover, are they all equal and even needed?
When you feel overwhelmed by business, but still feel hesitant if you should make a switch to some tech tools and leave your familiar system of doing things behind, the right way to go is to start using some up-to-date tech solution that could simplify your daily operations or else you are going to waste your precious limited resources and time. Latest solutions, instead, will help you get a competitive edge while saving time for rest and family.
Frankly speaking every project is overfilled with multiple issues occurring here and there. But most of them may be solved by experience as they are repeating themselves from project to project. But experience is not to be gained with hard bumps as there are many materials offered to teach developers several new tricks. That is why QArea was holding a webinar dedicated to issues occurring while a Drupal project is being deployed.
Things like antiviruses do tend to become overprotective sometimes. And that may be a great threat to many small businesses that are doing their best to stay in flow with their developed software. The smallest damage is that is causes your users to experience discomfort and gives them a feeling of insecurity, which is terrible for business.
Suppose you think you’ve got the best idea for a mobile app ever. Not only do you have a clear idea, but you’ve also taken effort to document it, define all the functionality details and even figured out the resources you need to reduce your development costs, such as APIs and SDKs.
So which exact things are considered the worst by developers themselves? The things causing entire teams to loose motivation or even quit this or that company?
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