SEO is not something only your SEO engineers should know about. By now, it has evolved into something far greater, a tool which may and should be used by everybody.
How great are HTML5 applications? What are their strong sides and why should they be your ultimate choice for some web-based projects?
Management in IT companies requires effort, dedication and determination. It is, at times, unbelievably hard to arrange workflows in environments full of strong, creative, independent personalities.
Touchscreens were a revolution. Their simple interface, bright colors and intuitive controls are an amazing educational tool for children. However a touchscreen is not all it takes. What do you have to consider when an app for kids is up your mind?
Business apps are of great assistance to businesses and there are thousands of them available. Most are designed to help multiple businesses with various similar tasks. However, your business is unique and can a general-purpose app truly satisfy all your needs?
Twitter is a really popular social media, meaning majority of your customers and leads have twitter accounts, meaning you must use this power to improve brand awareness and for multiple other marketing purposes.
Off-Site SEO is as vital as any other SEO practice you are conducting if you do require a website people will be seeing, visiting and gaining from. And those are the only ways all of you can easily get a decent base of leads who can be converted into customers.
You are nowhere without app users. After all every single dime of investments and even the slightest effort are all serving one cause – resolving any issue users may have. Hence you need to know what users want!
SCRUM is an interesting idea of software development and product owners play a vital role in it. So where should you go and what should you be doing if you have ended up in the product owner’s shoes for the very first time?
IT is a stable and progressive source of income to many businesses that know how to get max out of it. However this process comes with many hidden dangers, one of which is hiring appropriate developers. Here is how you do it.
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