Clients are stupid? Clients are never stupid. Stupid people do not have enough money to pay for your services. Remember that and always follow that rule if you wish to remain a successful business. Clients are simply less oriented in your field. That is exactly why they require your services.
Choosing the right customer relationship management (CRM) software is often a hard job as it’s associated with risks of making the wrong decision and buying a software which isn’t in accord with your company’s demands and ambitions. It’s just as well important that you treat this not just as a service delivery but as a lasting cooperation with your CRM vendor.
IT startups spring up every day, but few grow into really powerful companies. The thing is not every startup even keeps on the surface easily at first. That’s because some lessons are learned quickly and some - as much important - not. The following 7 lessons and guidelines are those startups learn slowly while they should keep these always in mind until they are ‘grown up’.
Pretty Boy Floyd or John Dillinger are history
Security is not something to play with
Internet business is all profit rainbows and unicorns… NOT!
It is extremely hard to develop a swell OS which would be equally good for both desktop as well as touchscreen devices. Windows 8 was supposed to do so… Supposed to.
There should always be time to say ‘thank you’! The success of your site is nothing without its dedicated users. So how to express your feelings in a way that is both pleasant and fit for business? Your website, your visit card, can do that for you with some slight adjustments. The profit is limitless. So where to begin with?
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