How come a game about launching birds at pigs from a slingshot is so awesome?
When you have a goal to make money on the app, there are a lot of popular and effective ways of doing this. One of these is posting ads inside the product.
Do you actually believe people are reading advertisements? People are reading things they are interested in. They will read your advertisement only if they will be interested in it, there is no other way. But that is a bit off topic as we are to speak about long and/or short copy. A battle boiling around marketing circles since the sun began to rise in the east. Who are the rivaling armies?
Grammar-Nazi: Read no further! Sure grammar is important in any copy and there is about zero point of arguing with that fact. But that, in fact, never means you are actually writing a textbook or an essay for your English teacher. You are to maintain Zen, a balance between grammar and a conversational tone for your copy to be great.
If you have been asking such questions yourself lately you are probably a startup owned that is considering outsourcing some of the startup’s work to some other company. Sure there are many trust and control issues when it comes to outsourcing but, perhaps, the game is worth the effort?
With the amount of startups popping out here and there within a couple of second’s interval it’s quite easy to get lost. And it is even easier to make a false step ant to fail your entire startup. Here is a list of common mistakes many young and creative startupers are commencing within their fresh companies. Errors which are leading people to failure. Errors you’d rather never commit. Thus here is a list at your disposal.
Are you willing to get some chills before Halloween? Horror movies are a nice way to go, but, what if somebody told you that you may get as spooked, and, perhaps even more, by simply browsing through some websites? We have prepared a list of sites that will freak you, scare you, haunt you and, of course, entertain you for a couple of hours at the very least, especially for Halloween.
Every website owner is facing SEO issues sooner or later. A website has to be well optimized for business to flow smooth. And backlinks are like the bricks of any SEO strategy foundation. Sure you can buy some, but they will be of poor quality and they will definitely not be trustworthy from a constantly evolving search engine point of view.
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