Things like antiviruses do tend to become overprotective sometimes. And that may be a great threat to many small businesses that are doing their best to stay in flow with their developed software. The smallest damage is that is causes your users to experience discomfort and gives them a feeling of insecurity, which is terrible for business.
Suppose you think you’ve got the best idea for a mobile app ever. Not only do you have a clear idea, but you’ve also taken effort to document it, define all the functionality details and even figured out the resources you need to reduce your development costs, such as APIs and SDKs.
So which exact things are considered the worst by developers themselves? The things causing entire teams to loose motivation or even quit this or that company?
There are always things from the past you regret you ever did. What makes software development different? Well, nothing. There are always things that will take time for you to understand. But who says you can’t simply trust somebody who has been in your shoes earlier?
How come a game about launching birds at pigs from a slingshot is so awesome?
When you have a goal to make money on the app, there are a lot of popular and effective ways of doing this. One of these is posting ads inside the product.
Do you actually believe people are reading advertisements? People are reading things they are interested in. They will read your advertisement only if they will be interested in it, there is no other way. But that is a bit off topic as we are to speak about long and/or short copy. A battle boiling around marketing circles since the sun began to rise in the east. Who are the rivaling armies?
Grammar-Nazi: Read no further! Sure grammar is important in any copy and there is about zero point of arguing with that fact. But that, in fact, never means you are actually writing a textbook or an essay for your English teacher. You are to maintain Zen, a balance between grammar and a conversational tone for your copy to be great.
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