Hopefully, most of them are positive, but what do you do with negative ones to save your reputation and SEO? In the modern world everybody has his voice. Thus, your customers are free to talk, take pictures and otherwise interact with each other creating positive and negative buzz around your business.
You probably know such situations when companies come up with some bright innovative ideas, but fail to realize them successfully. Here are 5 things that are going into the way of IT businessmen preventing them from bringing their innovations to life, and how to handle them.
Such big retailers as or Netflix already reap great profits from product recommendations like ‘Customers who chose this, also bought…’ Recommendations help customers find the products they’re searching and create better shopping experience leading to the sales boost.
Mobile Internet has been disrupting computer technology markets for quite a time and mobile apps revenue is predicted to get five times higher in the next few years.
Customers agree that present day shopping is not at all about brands and products themselves, but rather about what a customer feels and needs. Those brands that are planning to stand the time are now focused on establishing long-term, authentic relationships with their customers which nowadays means relevant, simple and social user experience.
Email marketing gives you an opportunity to speak one-to-one with your audience which is a unique facility. To really customize your message and get the largest ROI, the building and maintaining of sophisticated intelligence on your customers is needed.
Every IT company exercises its own management techniques which employees can be satisfied or not quite satisfied with. Here we present some thoughts our team members say work for both developers and development team management.
It’s not common to work through the night in the office to meet the deadline any more. Most employees use their home PC or business-issued laptop to finish the assignment at home. However productive work on so multiple devices is hard, often getting you stranded with outdated work files and forcing you to learn a number of different applications.
One of the most popular ideas in software development industry in recent years is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) concept. It means creating a project that has only the most essential features and meets necessary requirements. Let’s take a look at the main advantages of MVP.
To begin with, A/B testing is a testing of two versions of your page aimed to define which of them more effective persuades visitors to take a certain action offered by your website, such as signing up to the RSS or buying some item from your site.
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