There was a time when meta descriptions were taken really seriously. Now it is hard to imagine that much time and efforts can be taken to work on creating proper meta descriptions. As SEO gets more complicated they seem to be forgotten.
First, let’s answer the question why we need to outsource and what it is. Outsourcing is a tool for savvy small business owners who want to take advantage of new marketing trends but don't have the time or interest in doing it themselves. Outsourcing is a great possibility to get help with the tasks you are not skilled at.
Working in the web and software development you probably often come across the term “discoverability”. We typically use it to say whether the feature explains its function and presence, whether users properly understand it at first glance etc. Discoverability is quite a straightforward concept since, if one doesn’t realize the product’s functionality, he’ll never be able to use it in full.
A huge amount of mobile apps are available on app stores today. When looking at the number of downloads most of them have, it seems that they are extremely successful. But in reality, researches show that up to 90 percent of mobile apps are deleted after the first use. It brings us to a thought that the first experience must be outstanding; and once not impressed by the app after installing users would hardly open it once again.
Feeling enthusiastic about the concept of cloud data storage and accepting it as a key to fighting key loggers, malware and PC monitoring software, many people forget that after shifting all the digital data to the cloud, it’s necessary to take definite steps to ensure its security.
People have started noticing the use of the same devices as they are getting used to handling multiple computer devices for their personal purposes. If you look at iPhones, you’ll see that they are starting to deliver much more than just fun. Now many businessmen try to adopt their mobiles for business. To make this idea come true, here is the list of 5 helpful apps anyone can use at the office for boosting job productivity and comfort.
There are two intensively growing trends nowadays in the technological world. They are development of mobile apps and HTML5 web development based on standards.
If you are set to success by promoting your small business, it’s critical that you develop a marketing strategy with clear goals. Only then can you expect to be able to compete with big brands. To build an effective and competitive marketing strategy for your startup you have to make clear the following 7 things for yourself.
Today antivirus software cannot provide overall security to your system. Antimalware scanners grow inaccurate, particularly when it faces malicious programs less than one day old. It takes hackers a few bytes to swap in order to make a previously recognized malicious program absolutely unrecognizable.
Building an IT company is a task not for everyone. To build a successful business in this industry requires readiness for risks, persistence and solid goals. Cloud Hosting Preconditions The time of statistical computing is over now and more and more companies are considering cloud hosting for their platform.
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