Cloud-based apps and SaaS will be reaching the impressive $32.2 billion in sales by 2016. That is quite a lot of money. Is all of that earned by people who’ve simply came up with and developed a nice solution? Doubtful. It takes more than just an idea to sell software with success in most cases. How may one increase his chances on successful sales?
They grow so fast… 2001 seems so close and yet so far. Just imagine the way Drupal came through before becoming what it currently is. This CMS has actually matured over the past years, considering people became treating it seriously somewhere around 2007 it was quite a skyrocketing experience. Businesses, governments, education, etc. All those areas are trusting Drupal with their sites as for now.
The funny part OK, seriously? Microsoft is making joking about them way to easy. There is no challenge. Thus just imagine you’ve read some of those ‘the number 10 jokes’, ‘they skipped the good one jokes’ and ‘they are terrible with math jokes’. I’m sure your Twitter’s fool of them anyway. Oh well, there’s one I can’t miss:
Content Marketing is the new king of online sales and not only. 9 out of 10 companies are using content marketing in achieving their goals, attracting leads, etc. Imagine all that content competing with each other for a fair share of users.
Starting Simple Any part of any science (and marketing is a complicated science) has its basics. The ones you should start from as a beginner. The same is what we will be starting off with this post and we will be going deeper and deeper into the dark woods of Facebook. Let’s start with some questions you need to have answers to:
Being a manager for the first time is always scary, because now you are the person who’ll be ruling and making the decisions for a group of people. That’s certainly a lot of responsibility for a first-timer and far from all decisions are going to be actually right. That’s why, to make yourself safe from too much worrying, you need to learn how to accept your mistakes and be ready for new initiatives.
The common problem
Web design is as important to your webpage as air. If everything is looking great and understandable you will have your user audience. If not, well, it’s a cruel world we are living in. Thus it’s Usability and Utility that are making sure you have some extra users not the fancy layout. After all the entire page was built for them to see it, to use it, to purchase your goods and services rather than the ones of your competitor.
There are many things you may to sell your software. Some of them are more complex than others and some are working in a different direction than your particular company is headed. Yet they all work to at least some extent. It is only up to you to decide whether to implement this or that. Still I’ll list some useful tips and practices here you may enjoy and use as a mean of achieving various financial goals. 
Let’s talk about some handy tricks you may wish to use while SEO-ing your page and the places you may trip at while applying them.
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