Practically the basic 7 list may be applied to software development as well as any other field of human business. Although the sins are slightly different from what we are canonically used to. Still they may bring a company to ruins.
Some Statistics More with the marketing researches that seem to prove only one thing. A developer’s life is getting harder by the day. The latest reviews are showing that people simply wish not download any new apps. What does that mean and are things as bad as it seems?
The whole world is a witness of the strong political and economic shocks Ukraine has experienced during the last 9 months. This critical situation in the country undoubtedly could not but touch its IT industry as well, and many feared what outcome it might bring.
If your business needs to clearly state why your products or services are better, different and worth purchasing, like any business does, you must work out a successful value proposition. This is especially the case for small businesses and their owners who have no big name in the market yet, because if you lack brand recognition you will want to paint a perfectly clear picture about why people should pay time and money for your services.
Usually IT job market does not experience a lack of employees even in these tough times. But there are still a few IT roles which pose trouble while hiring for. Here are they:
Business planning can be a lengthy process taking much effort whereas a business plan is produced for some specific purpose. Your plan should serve as a means of communicating your major idea from the perspective of achieving some specific goal such as securing funding, etc. Thus, your plan needs tailoring with your audience in mind, so knowing their requirements well will help you build a great plan.
SLAs or Software Licensing Agreements can prove to be quite a pricy thing. And with new technologies such as cloud computing or multicore processing or the most popular mobile devices it is getting extremely hard to maintain balance between software value enhancing and spending reductions.
Clients are stupid? Clients are never stupid. Stupid people do not have enough money to pay for your services. Remember that and always follow that rule if you wish to remain a successful business. Clients are simply less oriented in your field. That is exactly why they require your services.
Choosing the right customer relationship management (CRM) software is often a hard job as it’s associated with risks of making the wrong decision and buying a software which isn’t in accord with your company’s demands and ambitions. It’s just as well important that you treat this not just as a service delivery but as a lasting cooperation with your CRM vendor.
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