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Even free applications may make you a lot of money. There are many ways of achieving such results from advertising to whatever else your imagination may come up with. One of the fairly best ways of earning money with applications is implementation of in-app shopping or purchases.
Many things may go wrong in a startup. One of some most terrible scenarios is when your team is not at all doing what it is really supposed to. You as a startup founder may not even be aware of how it is like, to be a developer. Your ideas are great and still you are moving nowhere? That should ring a bell for you to start doing something. What are some of the most common places for issues to appear?
Web Design is changing and shifting way too often. What was in trend yesterday may be considered ancient history today as all the tech is evolving with several mile-long steps. And staying up-to-date is even more difficult as internet is displaying an enormous amount of various WordPress themes available.
Innovations, techs science-fiction: those are few of many words that are coming up your mind when somebody mentions Google in any conversation. One other word you may consider is BIG. Google’s very big and already working in majority of aspects allowing us to see tech the way it is today and more.
Now that many virtual reality head sets and especially the newcomer that made a lot of noise, Microsoft’s HoloLens have emerged a lot of potential is being awakened. Imagine all the possibilities and connections you may gain from while being in a virtual reality surrounding. One may travel to different places like Paris or Rome or even Mars or Middle-earth.
Microsoft Company has dared to go beyond virtual reality kits offered by Oculus and VR. Recently HoloLens was presented and wow, it was a game breaker with all new rules and levels of amazing science fiction becoming reality.
Leap Second? Time flies. And does so in most unpredictable ways. Mankind has been fighting desperately on order to keep up with it and there were many measures done to achieve such a goal. The Leap Second is one of such steps. A necessity, rather than mere desire even. This June mankind will be experiencing the mentioned Leap Second. What is it?
It’s no pint repeating that application security is of colossal value. That is an axiom and no further questions needed. But what may you do to improve security of you applications and prevent all kinds of malicious influence?
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