The patent trolls AKA “non-practicing entities” are businesses that are specializing in purchase of old patents and then they try to transform paper into gold by suing the goods out of decent developing companies.
Fast luxury rides, fabulous penthouses with exquisite pool parties. All of this is ridiculously expensive and hard to afford for mere mortals. But then there are IT top executives. They do have a couple more zeroes in their pay checks, but is it all fun and play? I don’t think so. You see, successful companies don’t make everybody with beautiful eyes and a kind smile a CIO.
Recently with regards to a startup named Panzura the Google corporation had a chance to dominate on the market of cloud-services. As we all know Amazon Web Services was the absolute leader in this field. Will it keep its crown?
Outsourcing has gone mainstream and you are now able to complete your project via the Internet by hiring individuals or development teams at outsourcing sites. Here you’ll find how to do it smartly.
For starters let’s begin with: what on Earth is the tech neutrality principle?
No matter at what level your WFC C# ninja skills are, you can become history. Like the T-Rex, a big and bold dinosaur king that was awesome even with his creepy tiny hands. The thing is that he was awesome billions of years ago and we don’t want that to happen to us, do we?
Every businessman dreams to earn as much money as possible. And every businessman probably peeks at the fantastic success stories of mobile app developers. So how can you build a blockbuster app having business ambition but lacking technical literacy? The answer is – using the following 10 simple steps. Step 1: Feel the market
Firstly you should know that every single person on your team is a separate personality and will handle stress in a very different way. And the last thing you want is your workers running around like crazy, trying to do something extremely important. The funny thing is that even they don’t know precisely what are they doing.
I proudly present five of real live examples of people getting indecently rich without even leaving their homes.
Microsoft seems to enjoy releasing Android based smartphones that are competing with MS’s own Windows Phone OS. And only after a few month since they have released debut Android smartphones Nokia X and Nokia XL they have presented their improved Nokia X2.
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