Lvov, one of Ukraine’s major tourist attraction cities is going to become smart. The local authorities are planning on developing a ‘Town control panel’ together with some Microsoft specialists. Sometime earlier Lvov’s Mayor Andrew Sadovyi and Microsoft’s Regional General Manager Dmitry Shimkiv have signed a memorandum about cooperation.  It involves several innovation projects.
The modern world of software is enormous. And the catch is that people are constantly using all kinds of information like applications, sites, databases, etc. Only one of those sources due to born limitations simply can not satisfy all the humanity's need for information. The things mentioned above differ in interfaces and are absolutely not the same.
The world of technology is constantly changing, giving rise to one software trends and discarding others. For businessmen involved in IT and set to reach success on the profitable wave of modern technologies, it’s especially critical to keep track of all these changes. The following is the top 10 list of changes in contemporary software industry that will give you a clearer idea of where your business course should be heading.
Homework Before you even start talking about your site you need to do a small task or homework. It sounds easy enough, yet not that simple in reality. So what you should do is give an answer to the following questions:
Lots of managers and top executives are facing dozens or even hundreds of e-mails on a daily basis. And it is easy to get lost without special training even some navy seals might not have. Thus these tips were created for assistance of everybody who wants his mail to be readable, understandable and of top priority if necessary.
Easy shopping Recently a blog post has emerged in which Facebook was introducing their new ‘buy’ button to the world. Shortly users will be able to purchase goods from ads or page post directly. This is done for the company to get higher sales of their products and services. How will it go?
The new Nokia X came out to the world with a blend of both Windows and Android operation systems, which, in general is a great idea as well as a splendid marketing move. What could go wrong here, you ask? Only one thing – they can take but the worst from both OS’s.
Buying software for your business should be treated with great responsibility unless you want to regret your choice and spend even more money on its maintenance than you spent on the software itself. To help you decide on the right and reliable business software, we’ve prepared a list of issues you should pay attention to while choosing it.
The mobile app market is going as rapidly as a hungry cheetah nowadays. The constant changes and shifting are sometimes up to devastating for some IT companies. Recent research shows that 78% of the companies that were questioned are concerned about their ability to support the growing number of OS’s and devices. The top leading concern was security – 62%.
The patent trolls AKA “non-practicing entities” are businesses that are specializing in purchase of old patents and then they try to transform paper into gold by suing the goods out of decent developing companies.
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