Instagram is a nice thing a lot of people are really into today. And where there is a lot of people there is a lot of place and potential for smart businessman and especially marketers. But all is not as easy as seems hence a lot of effort and patience are required for a proper Instagram campaign.
iPhone Application Development has granted businesses quite a deal worth investing. Business on the go is more on a necessity today hence your business, just as your cared child requires attention otherwise it will grow up into a rebelling teenager who smokes weed and listens to Justin Bieber. We don’t want that now, do we?
Let’s Push IT! Some statistics for you to consider: more than 50% of customers have already downloaded applications from their favorite brands. That’s not all though. 68% of those people (meaning around 30% of all customers) keep push notifications or alerts as some call them enabled.
Even tech savvy IT pros with dozens of years in the industry behind back are sometimes falling for well-organized traps hackers are setting to get into your systems. The tough part is that most of the following dirty tricks may not be seen in common security testing sessions. It’s just that most of the combinations that will be listed below come from thinking outside the box.
An App that is easily found by users is the half way to success nowadays. The market is huge thus users are easily lost in the variety of offered solutions. Hence ASO was created. ASO stands for App Store Optimization. It’s like SEO for apple OS running apps. Rankings in the store matter.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb has written a nice book recently about what one may gain from disorder. No wonder it became applicable to software development and that’s when internet blew up with Antifragile theories and practices that should either be implemented to or even replace Agile. Does this idea actually deserve its spot in software development? Well let’s figure that out together.
Even free applications may make you a lot of money. There are many ways of achieving such results from advertising to whatever else your imagination may come up with. One of the fairly best ways of earning money with applications is implementation of in-app shopping or purchases.
Many things may go wrong in a startup. One of some most terrible scenarios is when your team is not at all doing what it is really supposed to. You as a startup founder may not even be aware of how it is like, to be a developer. Your ideas are great and still you are moving nowhere? That should ring a bell for you to start doing something. What are some of the most common places for issues to appear?
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