Resort Management System

Resourt Management System


A customer turned to us to develop a business management system (BMS) to control his business - a Recreation Resort. The BMS was to efficiently support all its subdivisions, whatever multiple and specific they might be and to provide for further business expansion possibility.


Business Management Software

The BMS was to be a fully computer manageable system to provide control for all the variety of restaurants, bars, cafeteria, clubs, etc. The BMS was to include the following management plugins:

  • Restaurant Room Management (waiter and barmen work place)
  • Business Management (manager work place)
  • Storehouse Management (commodity expert work place)

Restourant Room Management


The BMS was required to have highest reliability possible. The BMS was to exploit an industrial database in order to guarantee safety and security of data, in order to provide for stable and economically safe business. It also was to provide for any possible reports and templates to 100% meet top managers??™ needs.


C#.NET based application

The Resort BMS was developed as a tool of providing clear and distinct segregation of personnel duties. The system consists of two logic parts, one of which is developed for managers and the other one is for Recreation Resort personnel. System access was provided via magnetic card as personal identification, which allows to segregate personnel access to functions provided by the system dependant on personnel duties.

.NET software developmentThe Personnel Part involves shaping units management plugin menu, binding orders to the location of their execution (e.g. a table in case of a restaurant) or to a client (we are the first team to implement this technology in Ukraine); it also provides for credit allowance, order management.


Platform/OS: WinForms, Windows

Language: C#

Tools: VS.Net 2003, MSSQL, Access, Bar Code readers, Touchscreens, TM-T88III Receipt Printer

Category: Medicine relevant: staff management application

The Manager Part enables to control, track, and adjust the system and all the personnel activity aimed at efficient control of the Recreation Resort.

Interface deserves special credit since it is user friendly, understood through insight, and does not require special personnel training services.

The system supports Bar Code readers for effective stock accounting and Resort Discount Cards acceptance; TM-T88III Receipt Printer and alike ones for sending orders to execution (e.g. to the kitchen in case of a restaurant); barmen and waiter touchscreens for quick service.

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