PDA&Mobile application development

Wireless Casino

Online Wireless CasinoAn online casino application that allows for playing the most addictive gambling games directly from your wireless device (either Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile or J2ME). Application supports 3 gaming modes: playing for the real money, playing for virtual money and offline mode. Multiplayer functionality is implemented using client / server technology.

Anglers' Heaven

Angler's Heaven application An entertainment program enabling anglers to create logs on their camera phones about their fishing trips. With this application they are able to save information about location, dates, weather conditions and fishes' characteristics as well as their pictures and send them either to server or to other handheld users.

BugHuntress Test Suite

BugHuntress Test Suite BugHuntress Test Suite is an automated tool for Palm OS applications regression testing. It is a client-server system which is intended for full-scale automated testing of applications on handhelds and/or emulators with Palm OS 3.0-5.4. PC and Palm parts of BHTS interact through COM-port, by using USB-bus and via TCP/IP protocol.

RIM Barcode Reader

Application that allows for reading and sending barcode data from Blackberry device to a PC machine via e-mail. Also, some additional utility applications were implemented, including own ContactList implementation that resembles RIM Address Book, and logView application, used for debug logging, that stores log info in the RIM internal database and also able to list it on the display and send it by e-mail.


A Pocket PC application for airmen utilizing Wi-Fi and GPRS technologies providing for vast functionality that covers the utmost information needs of pilots and airmen including interaction with FlightMate Weather plugin, interaction with FactBook, opening page with country info upon flag clicking and about 25 other features.

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