BugHuntress Test Suite

Being originally dedicated to outsourcing development and testing services to PDA and mobile developers, QArea almost always dealt with excessive testing of PDA applications. Having gained sufficient background in PDA testing experience QArea QA team together with analysts conducted a brainstorm meeting that resulted in a new concept: BugHuntress dedicated project.

BugHuntress Test Suit (BHTS) is a totally home-brewed offspring of the QArea's developing potential. In fact, its release brought a synergetic contribution to QArea's development by delivering a revolutionary automated testing tool for Palm applications, and by originating a mature BugHuntress QA Team ready to deliver highly qualified testing services to outer customers.

BHTS requires no additional hardware and helps to speed up test turnaround time, cut regression testing costs and eliminate human errors due to software test automation. BHTS makes it possible to carry out functional, output and stress testing. It is especially convenient for regression testing, when changes to program code are continually made throughout software lifecycle.

BugHuntress Test Suite is a client-server system which is intended for full-scale automated testing of applications on handhelds and/or emulators with Palm OS 3.0-5.4. PC and Palm parts of BHTS interact through COM-port, by using USB-bus and via TCP/IP protocol. Automated testing is performed using special scenarios, scripts and control points (e.g. screen CRC, controls states, databases states, etc.) which basically represent software test plan written in Java-script with BHTS commands.

BHTS key performances:

  • Uses black box testing technology
  • Imitates QA engineer??™s testing steps
  • Tests on real devices and their emulators
  • Is very suitable for Palm regression testing
  • Lists, compares and exports logs to text files
  • Has expandable capabilities
  • Requires minimum system resources

BHTS benefits:

  • Test cost reduction
  • Ability to involve QA engineers, occupied with manual testing, into working on other projects
  • Time-to-market product development
  • Test reusability for different Palm OS powered devices
  • No knowledge of programming languages required
  • Improvement of quality management
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