RIM Barcode Reader

Code conversion from C++ to Java application tested using Blackberry emulator and real device


Our client that has been using RIM Blackberry devices for the purpose of products' barcode reading wanted to go on using these handhelds for that purpose but on later devices.


The later RIM Blackberry devices were to support the functionality of reading and sending barcode data to a PC machine via e-mail. The functionality was to be the same as with the earlier RIM Blackberry devices.

The essence of the problem is that the earlier devices used the software written on C language, while the later devices employ Java language.

The main challenge is in serial ports behaviour when programming on C and Java. Also to test the functionality a physical reversal of ports functionality was performed (read-write pairs instead of read-read or write-write pairs)


The barcode application suite consists of two main applications:


The application used COM port to connect to the barcode reader device. Application was able to upload scanned barcodes, display them on the RIM screen, clear barcodes saved in the device memory, set/get internal reader time.



Platform/OS: RIM Blackberry

Language: Java

Tools: Blackberry Java, IDE with JDE 3.6

The application used COM port to connect to the barcode reader device. The application uploaded scanned barcodes and sent them via e-mail, creating a separate e-mail message for each barcode. E-mail addresses were taken from RIM Address Book.

Also, some additional utility applications were implemented, including own ContactList implementation that resembled RIM Address Book, and logView application, used for debug logging, that stored log info in the RIM internal database and also was able to list it on the display and send it by e-mail.

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