Real Poker Online Application Testing

An outstanding web-application

Real Poker Online is an excellent client-server web-application under Java Platform for simulation of card games lead by groups of players, providing a possibility to find friends fond of poker all over the world. Friendly atmosphere of the virtual 3D cardroom, outstanding user interface, realistic sound, characters and animation make you feel right in a huge casino.

The application was developed and thoroughly tested by Qarea team in order to meet all the key requirements providing its successful launch on the online game market. In spite of the fact, that it was a large-scale and time consuming project, the client's demands were met with a highly effective and creative approach and some terms were fulfilled even more quickly than the client had expected!

The Art of Testing

The testing process of the application merits a special attention. After a thorough discussion of the requirements with the client we made a full-dress analysis. Taking into consideration the scale of the testing the estimation claimed 8000 manhours for testing purposes only.

However, our team of QA testers, using low cost solution, high quality priority and non-trivial approaches, professional technical expertise and creative individual way of testing for each selected client, considerably cut this figure. They developed and conducted mostly automated testing instead of the manual: black-box, simulation, functionality, stress, usability and bet-logic testing, which took them only 2500 manhours instead of the estimated 8000!

Languages and Tools

Here is a short description of the languages, possibilities and tools. The application Real Poker Online, developed by our team with the help of Java 2 Standard Edition 1.4 and Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.3, allows playing poker in real time limited, making real and virtual bids. Tournaments are supported. Scalable architecture provides for the distributed deployment on multiple servers. Eclipse IDE, Ant, JUnit, XDoclet, Hibernate JDO, Tapestry Web Application Framework, Hessian RPC, Sun ONE J2EE 1.3 certified application server, Firebird RDBMS and Tomcat are the tools our developers used to create the application.

It enjoys Java WebStart client launching technology on different platforms, supported and tested on Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X; Secure client-server communications and billing interface. Real Poker Online contains powerful web interface for management, user administration, billing, statistic and reports features.

Individual Approach

Our certified QA engineers and testers have a wide experience and their own testing basis, besides, we track all the projects results and we rationalize and improve our methods according to them. We do not seek for quick money or fast doubtful results, we are a stabile company based on the principles of trust, quality, security and privacy.

With every new project we find an individual solution to get the best outcome as every client is unique for us!

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