Testing of GPS Navigator for PDA


Some time ago our team developed a project intended for GPS map navigation and route search. Since the project was developed by our coders, testing was also entrusted to our test engineers team.


Our testing department faced the following challenge: test the navigator functionality completely, including real-life environment. I.e., in fact we needed not only validate the shortest route search but also test an afield navigation.

The problem was in difficulty of estimating 'by site' if a determined route is really the shortest one.

Another basic challenge was the afield navigation. Customer did not provide Kharkiv GPS maps. We either had no opportunity to purchase the ones (they are unavailable for free sale).


Once we tested the functionality of spotting objects on the map, displaying these objects and the map management functionality, our test engineers proceeded directly to testing of navigation and route search.

In order to test route search one set multiple reference points on the map. After that we found a properly operating PC application with identical functionality search of the shortest distance between the two points. Next, by means of the mentioned PC application one determined the shortest distances between the reference points. The same type of actions were performed with the application under testing. The obtained results were compared and a conclusion was made whether a determined route was really the shortest one or not.

On completing the testing of route search, the test engineers proceeded directly to testing of navigation.

For most proper testing of navigation it was decided to undertake the following. We selected the city district which most resembled a district on one of the maps (the same location of main roads). Next, coordinates from satellite were converted in such a manner as if GPS receiver was in the spot on the map which co-related to a real city district.

Then, as the GPS receiver moved through the real city district, navigation was performed through the district on the map.

Due to such non-trivial approach to testing we managed to avoid and fix lots of bugs related to navigation and route search.

This technique much assisted in testing of other projects dealing with GPS navigation.

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