Testing of PDA Presentations


Recently, BH Team has been ordered to provide testing for a PC application that generates presentations for PDA devices (Palm and PPC).


BugHuntress Team of test engineers was offered a challenge to perform the testing of this application.

The task was not only in testing presentations generation directly on PC (presentations include multiple elements to be tested), but also in verifying the consistency of operation of these presentations on a vast number of PDA devices. (The PC application was to be tested if run smoothly and without any errors on all devices.)


Phase One

During Phase One, the presentations generation process itself was tested.

Our test engineers created check lists by means of which the running functionality could be controlled. Also, they developed test cases that covered all the application functionality.

As a result of testing BH Team discovered that there were problems with adding resources to a presentation (namely images). Besides it was discovered that generation of presentations for PPC devices malfunctions.

Also much attention was paid to UI and usability testing. As a result of testing effort a large list of improvements was suggested to the developers to make the utilization of the application user friendly.

After the redevelopment Bug Huntress Team held the testing again and have discovered no bugs in PC part.

Phase Two

During Phase Two, multiple test presentations with various elements in them were developed and generated. Presentations were generated for both Palm and PPC devices. Next, our test engineers created test matrices which included these presentations and device list ??“ Palm (Palm OS 3.5-5.0) and PPC (Windows Mobile 2003 and 2003 SE). To simplify and speed up the work Bug Huntress Team also used device emulators.

Once tests were performed and test matrices filled in, it was made possible to see which devices failed to support presentations and which ones played them perfectly.

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