Porting to J2ME Platform

QArea helps to increase total addressable market for wireless software company by extending their Symbian-based game to work on J2ME / MIDP 2.0 devices.


Arcade game The client had developed an Arcade game. Selling to a range of carriers in different markets, the client needed to ensure their product is a device and OS independent. The initial product was developed for Symbian OS, and to increase their market reach the client wanted a support of J2ME platform to be built in.


Arcade gameThe client required their product to be ported to the J2ME platform. The client's put an objective to improve customer satisfaction and increase total addressable market by extending to mobile feature phones supporting J2ME, in addition to open platform OS devices. The technical challenge was to ensure that the porting effort included all the capabilities of the client's utilities software currently available on open OS devices to be successfully replicated on feature phones running J2ME JRE and MIDP 2.0 libraries.

Our Solution

We reengineered one of the client's existing products to a J2ME platform. All features have the same execution time as in the original version; they also have access to phone persistent storage.

The software allows:

  • Save best scores and put them from mobile phone to a remote server and get them from any other mobile device
  • Users to connect to the provider's portal OTA and download updates
  • Provider to configure users' personages remotely
  • OTA download of localization resources
  • Players to play with each other over GPRS or Bluetooth


  • High quality, low cost solution
  • Expert optimization of the code
  • Specialized technical expertise in mobile and wireless domain
  • Accelerated time-to-market without reaching for in-house teams

Technical Highlights

  • Code optimized for MIDP devices
  • Reengineered code can be ported to any mobile device with only minor modifications

Tools and Technologies

  • C, C++, J2ME, MIDP 2.0
  • MS Visual Studio 7.1, Symbian Series 60 SDK
  • Eclipse, WTK2.2.
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