In QArea all communications with Client are welcome via the assigned Project Manager. Dependant on project, senior or key developers and QA engineers are often encouraged to communicate with Outsourcer's Project Manager directly.

When at site, our personnel extensively uses all Internet-enabled communication means as Internet messengers (ICQ, MSN and others), Skype, e-mail. We also encourage our Customers to contact us via office phones or cell phones.

Since cell phones are private ones, prior consent with its owner (during our late hours in particular) would be appreciated.

Support in reaching the right team member will be gladly provided by our Sales and Marketing Department.

Our company is an offshore software development company with big experience. People who work in QArea team are well capable of working under pressure and much adapted to the time schedule favorable for the Client.

We are normally available from Monday till Saturday 10 GMT till 20 GMT. Project Managers' and Sales and Marketing personnel working hours are often extended.

Team members working on individual schemes may migrate to Client-required time schedules up to cycling in three-shift mode within 24 hours/7 days.

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