Localization Methodology

Generally the localization process is part of a general development or porting process, since QArea is not specifically concentrated on providing web site or application localization services.

Yet, applications and software localization being an applied linguistics aspect is best served by QArea since we combine skills and experience in software development, project management and linguistic support.

We are the best experts in adapting linguistic and human interface elements in Russian and Ukrainian language context, and have experience with Latin, Hebrew, Modern Standard Arabic, Standard Chinese layouts.

When turning to translation and localization company, software vendors expect for the best linguistic services to be provided by target language speakers working for the localization company. The main obstacle is that during preparation of files and project planning phases the context is being dramatically cut and split among translators, proofreaders, designers, developers and desktop publishers who work with a separate word without a context and, thus, without exact meaning. Project managers are seldom very good universal multilingual experts to remove this shortage completely and at once.

This problem is completely prevented with QArea from the very beginning since all experts: project managers, UI architects, developers, translators and linguistic experts, work under one roof and do not need to spend time on management and coordinating issues. Thus, resizing due to elongation of text, abbreviating, review, compilation, glossary unification, HTML or tag editing, and quality assurance is performed with experts whose skills and expertise cover several aspects of localization. This is due to this factor we need not to spend time for Client approval of the glossary and terminology (except this is an utterly new product to the market), since we do work within this domain.

Comparison of workflow
Translation and Localization Company   QArea
Analysis and preparation of files These two steps are united and preparation of files is seldom needed, since special editing tools are applied Analysis and project
Project's planning
Database development, i.e. translation memory At most Glossary correction - if any a?“ can be required since Glossary already exists and is in extensive usage due to company IT specifics -
Translation of linguistic elements - Translation of content
Client's review and approval No need in continuous intermediary approvals since we are experts in the IT domain -
Text and code integration - Content and code
Quality control - linguistic and functionality - Quality control - linguistic and functionality
Client review and approval - Client review and approval
  40% Time Save  

We have successfully practiced our skills at localization of J2ME games, applications and BugHuntress Test Suite interface and help manuals.

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