Porting methodology

When undertaking porting, QArea mobile department experts typically use a recognized methodology by Micro Java Network. Thus, when porting the following critical parameters are taken into account at first:

Platform Porting:

  • device-to-device;
  • Symbian: s60, s80, UIQ;
  • J2ME: MIDP 1.0 to MIDP 2.0.

Cross-platform porting between:

  • Windows CE;
  • Symbian;
  • J2ME.
  • features of the application to be ported
  • portability and porting feasibility analysis (it is extremely essential in case of cross platform porting) dependent on the kind of application (there exist applications that are hard to port specifically due to hardware characteristics of the platform)
  • possible GUI modifications in respect of differences in platforms (screen size / color depth, controls location)
  • possible errors when memory usage (when implementing the same functionality different OS's may respond in different ways)
  • size of the application being ported (what are application size differences in respect of the platforms)
  • platform dependant data storage parameters and efficiency
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