Phase 1. Analysis of the suggested device

Prior to undertaking the porting project QArea experts analyze (or refresh in their memory) the operational system (platform) features, both the one the quoted application is currently run on and the one the application is to be ported to. Compared are all the aspects that can affect the application performance: starting with screen size and finishing with memory/storage issues.

For example, an application is to be ported from Palm device operated by Palm OS 4 to PPC 2003. At this phase, it should be considered that screen size on Palm is 320x320 pixels, while on PPC it is 320x240 pixels. Also, Palm OS is a single tasking OS, while Win CE on PPC is multi tasking.

This is on this phase bottlenecks of the target system should be analyzed along with the specifics of the system which might make porting difficult.

As a result of the phase QArea experts produce a document which specifies the concerned differences between platforms, as well as eventual bottlenecks of the target system/platform.

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