Phase 4. Graphics and interface design

During this phase we exploit the results obtained during the first phase. This means, from the comparative analysis of the devices, we pick up those which are needed for graphics and user interface design.

First of all, considered are screen size and color depth which are provided by the devices.

Dependant on screen size the user interface may undergo significant changes. It is clearly illustrated in case of a Windows Mobile 2003 devise - smart phone - with screen size of 176x220 pixels against Win CE 2003 device - PPC - with screen size of 320x240 pixels. PPC has touchpad while smartphone does not. Thus, when porting, these issues should be taken into account and rendered back in interface modification to make it convenient for the user while take care to affect not the application functionality.

The most tightest attention is to be paid to selection of colors, since different devices are featured by different color depth (it is not rear even with devices from one and the same manufacturer). E.g., old devices with Palm OS 3.0 installed were monochrome while the new ones with Palm OS 5.0 are featured with 65536 colors.

Also, displayed RGB color pattern can vary dependant on the device (although the pattern is the same and the color is the same).

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