QA and Testing

Software quality assurance and testing services provided by IT outsourcing company QArea

Methodology of securing quality for PDA & Mobile fits well into QArea's major processes (QA and Development). When testing applications for PDA & Mobile, due to their specifics and constricted focus, we concentrate on the following moments:

Testing of software being ported

The specifics is in existent features migration to another platform, either from a full desktop application, or from J2ME to Symbian, Brew or Windows Mobile. More of this can be found here.

Application testing on the network

Mobile technologies keep integrating with each other tighter and tighter. Testing on the network becomes critically important when application successful performance depends not only on the developer but also on service provider (of wireless carrier, content provider etc.)


"See no evil, hear no evil, feel no evil" - this is quite in the mood of wireless devices testing. Due to the specifics of wireless, the applications that run on handhelds are not a bird seed to test.

Automation restrictions

Due to an extended variety of platforms and operation systems, testing process automation in general and regression testing in particular can be significantly restricted. To cope with this challenge we apply some own-developed efficient solutions when made possible by certain environments.

Tight schedule

Normal desktop applications are subject to some mandatory phases and steps. But when developing applications for PDA and Mobile, timelines are often shorter, thus, provisioning for less time to be spent on testing. Our processes in complete are adapted for these conditions ensuring our clients and end users with 100 per cent quality result.

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