February 12, 2014
QArea team is going to visit JQuery Europe 2014 event that will take place in Vienna on 28th of February / 1st of March 2014. It will be 2nd jQuery conference in the heart of Europe.
February 4, 2014
QArea team is going to participate at Droidcon 2014 on 6-7 February in Turin, Italy. Android developers from our company expressed a great enthusiasm about the coming Droidcon 2014 event and decided to take part in this world wide movement in order to make the best of their Android practices in the future.
January 31, 2014
QArea team visited the Mobile+Web DevCon event in San Francisco. Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI) was excited to host Mobile+Web DevCon 2014.
January 14, 2014
On December 18, 2013 QArea team visited the CopenhagenJS meetup in Denmark. Front-end developers and JavaScript specialists from QArea traveled to Copenhagen and attended CopenhagenJS for knowledge and inspiration on 18 December.
November 22, 2013
London, UK, the 3rd of September, 2013 Trends in Outsourcing. The event will be held in Hogan Lovells International LLP, Atlantic House, Holborn Viaduct, London.
October 28, 2013
This weekend QArea professionals visited push.conference 2013, which was held in Munich, Germany on October, 25-26. The conference united UX professionals, designers and developers of outstanding user interfaces to explore innovative technologies for creating the perfect user experience.
October 11, 2013
This time QArea attended the major software development conference of Central & Eastern Europe – DevReach 2013 that was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on October 1-2. QArea team is always eager to participate in the biggest events of IT world to get more experience and inspiration for work. Our developers who were present at the conference found the delivered reports highly informative and creative.
September 13, 2013
QArea team visited JavaZone conference in Oslo. QArea outsourcing company is a constant participant of different conferences targeted on various IT topics. As Java development is one of our specializations we couldn't miss such a huge event. Java developers from QArea were present on Javazone conference to make a knowledge exchange with other IT professionals.
August 27, 2013
JRuby Conference Opened Doors was held 14th and 15th of August, 2013 in Berlin, Germany.
July 24, 2013
The openSUSE 2013 Conference was held in Thessaloniki, Greece from 18th till 22nd of July.
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