Business & Finance Portfolio

Complex on-line workflow automation solution. QArea designed a complex on-line workflow automation solution, based on MS ASP.NET distributed architecture and MS SQL Server back-end.

Application allows to browse through the largest buy&sell catalogues. Provides excess to “Buy and sell” system.

An application allows you to manage your savings easily. SIAFI savings calculator can help you to put together a solid savings plan.

Client application to a netbilling system that allows to make simple transactions. User-friendly interface.

You-Doo is a reminder, task scheduler and handy to-do-list based on proximity altogether. While very easy to use, it provides such powerful features as calendar view, live timeline, task history, GPS groups and many more. 

Simple pocket calculator application for IRR and Compound Interest calculation. Iphone and iPad versions.

Positioning system based on the Wi-Fi access points coverage. Cross platform application that leverages wardriving data to create a simulated GPS device.

The software provides control for Recreation Resort Business. The system consists of two logic parts, one of which is developed for the managers and the other is for the staff of the Recreation Resort.

Consists of questionnaires set, a secret key and server web-installation. Questionnaires comprise the questions for parents to define their children's personality types. The secret key contains maximum number of the program runs. It prevents the program from illegal running.

Multiplatform application which provides to user different instant help services such as call to Help Desk, view help videos etc.


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