Business & Finance Portfolio

Multilingual internet solution for creation of a unified document from several separate .doc files.


Application performs start-up of specified applications at the remote machine. Constant updates, new features implementation, high accuracy.

This is a resource for those seeking consultancy from lawyers registered in the system. Advanced lawyer search and a convenient Q / A tracking interface.

A software suite for sales and marketing professionals. QArea team has successfully completed development of the project on schedule and on budget.

The control system for multi-media Gibson device under Cirrus Logic ARM9. The server part of the system provides online application activation services, media information and streaming.

Access Node Application for terminal equipment commutation

Human Resources management system. Business Automation application for fast-developing company

1 human/month

Sugar RM development. New modules, support of sevral dozens of clients. Contiguous support of GMG360 clients, development of new forms, per-client customization of forms.

The application serves for configuring the Access Node. It has a friendly user interface for specifying the needed settings.


WEB-summary of a CAD-file dealing with DB data.


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