Business & Finance Portfolio

This program will seek out random items on eBay, and place nonwinning bids ...

The online platform allows jewelry professionals (retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers) to fully utilize the Internet to compete with online retailers.

Application for configuring the Automatic Switching System. The purpose of the application is to configure all the necessary settings of the dial exchange.


Game-center net performance automation system. The System was complemented with a function to turn off internet service automatically for users with zero accounts.

4 human/months

Project management and quality management for business in a distributed WEB system. You can control your projects in any part of the world from any WEB terminal. 

Testing System. Blue Ribbon LLC provides schools and districts in Connecticut with an assessment tool that will provide a state specific product, with a user friendly interface.

This is a resource for those seeking consultancy from lawyers registered in the system. Advanced lawyer search and a convenient Q / A tracking interface.

Data processing automation system for mobile communications lines network provider (~1 human/year)

Set of dynamic link libraries for transparent migration of complex ERP software to another DBMS.

The control system for multi-media Gibson device under Cirrus Logic ARM9. The server part of the system provides online application activation services, media information and streaming.


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