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Business & Finance Portfolio

Geoinformational system, web-system with WEB and WAP interface for inputting of the data about parking places as well as for searching and booking of parkings. offers the world's largest and most complete family of subject-specific portals, all sharing the prefix: Only-.


Real time ad system for real-estate branch

The online International Law Journal. There is a great number of functions implemented in the project, which are peculiar to online publications.

Multilingual internet solution for creation of a unified document from several separate .doc files.

Data mining software testing application. Black box testing, functional testing, white box testing, unit testing, incremental integration testing etc.

The application serves for configuring the Access Node. It has a friendly user interface for specifying the needed settings.

A "Must Have" for any golfer serious about lowering their score. Provides golfers with distance measurements to the front, center and back of a green.

Web application was built to manage online payments for purchasing advertisement in iCall application.

Advanced internet search server developed with the accent on encoding problems (~1 human-year)


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