Business & Finance Portfolio

A software suite for sales and marketing professionals. QArea team has successfully completed development of the project on schedule and on budget.

Human Resources management system. Business Automation application for fast-developing company

1 human/month

Sugar RM development. New modules, support of sevral dozens of clients. Contiguous support of GMG360 clients, development of new forms, per-client customization of forms.

Access Node Application for terminal equipment commutation


WEB-summary of a CAD-file dealing with DB data.

Search network database which uses protocol. The whole product was re-written from scratch, multithread Gnutella search client and web-interface. (1.5 human-months)

The application serves for configuring the Access Node. It has a friendly user interface for specifying the needed settings.

Web-site with a convent to be completely determined by the customer (developer ~140 hours and designer ~30 hours)

Application for goods circulation accounting

The Advanced H323 IP PHONE application is similar to the H323 IP PHONE APPLICATION, except for additional functionality.


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