C/C++ Portfolio

Data processing automation system for mobile communications lines network provider (~1 human/year)

Telephony application in IP networks based on H323 protocol. The IP PHONE can be easily configured for making phone calls over a Media Gateway as well as directly from one phone to another one.

Access Node Application for terminal equipment commutation

A Pocket PC application used to display room and vendor information. The data are contained in an XML file or supporting tools and utility programs.

Chat application for Nokia Series 60 with registration, message sending, user information retrieving, several user profiles maintenance.

Specific for this mail-sender application is that it uses a number of WebMail accounts (this particular app is supported by AOL accounts only) instead of traditional "forwarding" SMTP server. 

Application for using of XML constantly updated databases on Palm

The goal of the game is to shoot down nine enemy spaceships using one life and prevent the destroying of your one and to collect as much points as possible.

Data mining software testing application. Black box testing, functional testing, white box testing, unit testing, incremental integration testing etc.

The SIP IP Phone application runs under vxWorks on the IP Phone with ARM processor and allows to make ordinary phone calls, accept incoming calls, build conferences and so on.


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