C/C++ Portfolio

This game uses special library created by our developers. The main purpose of the game is to avoid the cubes to reach the top of the playing ground.

The task was to create an add-in to secure e-mail messages exchange between several clients.

Product is designed for playing a famous card game – Poker (Texas Hold'em type) on Pocket PC devices with Windows Mobile operating system

A moving object positions tracking via GPS and confirmation of its passing control points by sending SMS.

Application retrieves data from server on-demand or periodically, displays competition-based or event-based statistics.

Application for polymorphic billiards research. The development environment is Visual Studio 6.0. (~2 human-months)

Upgrading Client-Bank system from DOS to Windows version. The purpose of Client-Bank software is to transfer electronic payment documents between Bank and its clients.

Application which enables specific business-related Palm database creation. Our company has developed a generic system which allows the creation of databases based on affixed structure.

Application for object location determination on the Earth and drawing of the map roots to it. It is also possible to find out other relevant information from GPS Satellite.

Symbian Test Unit provides unit testing framework in the style of JUnit for developers working on native apps in C++. Symbian Test Unit works as a console based application on Symbian OS 6.0.


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