C/C++ Portfolio

Simple pocket calculator application for IRR and Compound Interest calculation. Iphone and iPad versions.

Network library for multiplayer gaming with dedicated server. Porting Win32 library to iPhone platform. Library communicates with server via HTTP or UDP.

HelpU is a P2P security alarm app for people who either:

1) want a way to quickly call for help when they feel threatened and/or

ConnectBiz is a simple, intuitive iPad POS (point of sale) app for retail shops, delis, kiosks, salons, mechanics, mobile salespeople & more.

6 month

TeachPoint provides a mobile solution for teacher evaluation. It allows building a centralized evaluation system with flexible question structure, automatic report generation.

Industrial application for Gas/Water/Electrical meter accounting and billing automation. System consists of two parts: Pocket PC data gathering application and PC accounting/billing application.

Pocket PC application for airmen utilizing Wi-Fi and/or GPRS technologies providing for vast functionality that would cover the utmost information needs of pilots and airmen

Software package which performs half-automated registry sweeping and backup operations for Pocket PC.

The goal was to provide memo pad software for Palm with password protection and encryption based on strong cryptography.

Application provides technical support for mobile operators (“Call support”, “Video support”, “Operator support”).

520 hours


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