C/C++ Portfolio

Handy chess program to play with your friends on Palm platform. Program allows the user to think of the next move, and then to deliver it to your opponent by any convenient means of communication.

Java API allows make start/stop playback and seek in DivX and DVD formats.

It consists of the Palm-part and the PC-part (Custom Conduit). The PC-part converts and uploads CSV file to the Palm database. CSV file contains the voters list which is created from a SQL database. 

A small and specific firewall solution for Windows. Implemented as a NDIS driver. Filters IP packets by specific attributes.

Switch Application working in the third layer. The application combines the driver- and application-specific functionality.

Network strategic game for Palm. The game is divided into the client part and server part. Game has many useful features such as possibility to create your own ship etc.

Logical step-type game for 2 players simulating a sea battle. The game's aim is to destroy all of the opponent's ships and locate your ships in a way to make their destruction hard.

Application for using of XML constantly updated databases on Palm

C-like language compiler (to bytecode) and virtual machine for bytecode execution.

Windows XP command-line utility and shared library to control various 802.11b cards features, like mode (infrastructure / ad hoc), data rate (in both modes), channel, changing and turning off WEP key.


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