C/C++ Portfolio

Windows XP command-line utility and shared library to control various 802.11b cards features, like mode (infrastructure / ad hoc), data rate (in both modes), channel, changing and turning off WEP key.

A Pocket PC application that interacts with the existing XML interface of the Itinerary Planner. The application is configurable so AIS can deploy the system to multiple clients.

The system is represented by a distributed network of proxy servers which provide secure connection for registered users. Special virtual Ethernet driver is installed on client's computer and all of his TCP/IP traffic goes through proxy servers which find the shortest way for traffic to be insecurely transferred to its destination in raw format.

The control system for multi-media Gibson device under Cirrus Logic ARM9. The server part of the system provides online application activation services, media information and streaming.

GPS client software for Palm. the application has a number of standard functions and some other features that in general present good user interface and functionality.

Data mining software intended to build tree classification and regression or to perform other statistical datasets analysis.

An original logic game with simple rules and excellent graphics for Windows CE platform.

Client-server application for sending fax via Internet. Client application provides an ability to user to create fax images, address them to fax machines worldwide.

Device/storage insertion/removing notification. To receive the notification of CD-ROM in a drive a separate stream called over the device driver with the given interval.

Virtual printer driver, which installs as a printer to Windows 2k/XP or 98/ME system, intercepts printer jobs and converts them to graphic images (TIFF, EMF).


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