C/C++ Portfolio

This is a variation of a famous game Jigsaw Puzzle which is popular among people of all ages. Some advanced features bring to the game some kind of novelty.


802.11 based positioning system, simulating GPS NMEA protocol. Windows XP application that leverages wardriving data to create a simulated GPS device for other applications.

Crossplatform library for casual network gaming. Includes library, unit tests, and samples for each platform.

Detailed information about storage devices and volumes. Low-level information retrieval and modification actions implemented with native code in C.

Module that converts device binary logs to XML text logs of special format. Designed to achieve maximum performance. Raw log generator generates binary logs, using system parameters and event probabilities as input.

HTML content manager application. Application allows user to access HTML files on the server directly from handheld device. It also enables content files upload and editing.

Handheld application for automatic database scanning. The Palm OS application itself allows printing of reports directly from handheld on infrared-capable printer.

Fascinating step-type strategic game, remake of the popular game "Laser Squad" on Palm platform.

A phone's UI player, editor, manager. Fexius includes the following components: Fexpayer, Fexes, Fexlets, Fexserver, Fexbuilder.

Application for creation of animation on Palm. The application allows to make simple animation using your mobile device.


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