C/C++ Portfolio

Application for using of XML constantly updated databases on Palm

The goal of the game is to shoot down nine enemy spaceships using one life and prevent the destroying of your one and to collect as much points as possible.

Tilt clone. You need to reach the blue square with the silver ball. The point is the silver ball moves straight and stops only if strikes against the wall.

Automatic Switching System for E1-streams commutation. The application comprises the driver and communication layer functions.

A set of tools for brochure reading, editing and creating for Palm. Our company has developed a collection of 3 interrelated Palm brochure tools.

A "Must Have" for any golfer serious about lowering their score. Provides golfers with distance measurements to the front, center and back of a green.

Application for mapping and analysis of a dot electric dipole motion in a nonuniform electric field 

2 human/months

This is the project that is base part of major distributed bundled software. It is intended for centralized management of IP-addresses within large networks.

Web-server secure profile managing suite. These profiles are used by manager to define the rights and establish access limitations for system users.

Implementation of energy saving robust Linux server. Creating specific module for processing application-layer communication protocol on the basis of AX.25.


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