C/C++ Portfolio

The purpose of this application is to allow one Palm OS device to maintain two completely separate categories of appointments. These appointments can be for business/personal use.

Java API for setting Windows proxy parameters. Project details are under the NDA agreement.

Wireless integration with MS Exchange for smartphones. The project is to build a mobile gateway server system, which provides read access to contacts, calendar.

Class hierarchy, which provides access to local and online Gracenote CDDB databases using JNI technology.

It consists of the Palm-part and the PC-part (Custom Conduit). The PC-part converts and uploads CSV file to the Palm database. CSV file contains the voters list which is created from a SQL database. 

File system filter driver, using the new Filter Manager architecture www.microsoft.com/whdc/driver/filterdrv/default.mspx

Switch Application working in the third layer. The application combines the driver- and application-specific functionality.

Logical step-type game for 2 players simulating a sea battle. The game's aim is to destroy all of the opponent's ships and locate your ships in a way to make their destruction hard.

The primary function of PC and Palm part of this software is to keep the user catalog of Videotapes and Events - custom labels are set for each Videotape. 

C-like language compiler (to bytecode) and virtual machine for bytecode execution.


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