Integration with java pear to pear data sharing software. Community platform that's allows to administrate multilingual support for java application. Internal cache. External cache for anonymous traffic. Ajax based translation tool with ability to save translation versions. Views, CCK, Permissions mostly used for translation tool.

Collanos addresses the growing pains of teams being overloaded with information scattered across various communication channels, most notably congested email inboxes. Collanos Workplace, our flagship product, allows ad hoc, cross-organizational teams to easily access, update and share team knowledge on their computers and within the context of their activities. The name Collanos originates from combining the two words "Collaboration" and "Noos", the Greek word for mind.

Collanos Workplace, provides you with a virtual workspace to communicate with your team members and manage all project related content - all within one space. The workspace is stored on each member's computer and when members get online, their computers synchronize (via peer-to-peer technology), guaranteeing that all team members have access to all the latest content.

Technical approaches

Collanos Workplace is ideal for intensive team work environments with one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Teams are composed of members from multiple organizations
  • Members are active in several teams concurrently
  • Members exchange rich content frequently and need to be able to capture all related communications both when they are online and offline
  • Members use disparate operating systems, applications, and communication tools
  • Teams form ad hoc without requiring IT support and administration


MS Windows, *nix OS and Mac OS X
Development Environment: 
Views, CCK, Permissions, Apache Sorl, Soap integration, Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.3, Java 2 Standard Edition 1.4 JXTA for P2P, Derby, Hibernate, OJB, Spring, Eclipse platform
Team size: 
1 senior, 4 middle developers
Over 1000 hours

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