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Communities / Social Media Portfolio

The internet Newspaper: news blogs video community. Long-term project with a dedicated team model.

Social media aggregator for managing social media information.

700 hours

Allwomenstalk is a mobile client of the ultimate blog for ALL women, designed to help each girl discover the most fabulous version of her fantastic self! 

Online community of global citizens who take action on the major issues facing the world today. Email list, operated in 13 languages.

Site represents an informational resource for competitors, critics and spectators of the yearly movie festival of young stage directors.

Over 2100 hours

Kroodle is the site for a big Netherland insurance company Agon. The project has 7 insurance types. Every type of insurance has its own parameters for user to fill in order to know the insurance price.

Popular social network for gamers and games’ developers with place for news and opinions exchanging.

704 hrs

Social system for creditors and debtors. Web-based portal developed for professionals in the leveraged loan market to facilitate information sharing and provide administrative support to participants.

352 hours

Online newspapers and magazines data portal. Pages based on AJAX views with custom filters by taxonomy interactive widgets on main pages.

352 hours

Social community system for penpal friends mailings and communication with each other from around the world.

176 hours


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