Design Portfolio

Realize simple design for j2me devices.

Website design, company logo design, web elements and bottoms design.

Clean, light business style web design for people who are looking for a job. The design is positive and mildly bright, suiting the purposes of the project.

2D game design for Dragracer.

Creating and adapting game design for pocket PCs and smartphones for Windows Mobile 2003/2005 OS and Symbian OS.

Clean, light interesting business style web design for mobile application. The design that is suitable for the modern high-tech phones: minimalistic, informative and light.

Game design for of a well-known game “Sea Battle”.

Design player application

Clean, light business style web design for IP-company. The design provides the ability to place a lot of information, needed for the client’s audience. But at the same time it’s not overloaded with elements.

Arcade game with the elements of logic.


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