Design Portfolio

Arcade game with the elements of logic.

Picturesque arcade game with distinctive graphics

Clean, strict web design suitable for the common audience. The client needed to create a stylish and convenient design able to meet the visitors’ requirements.

Realization of well-known arcade game «UFO Shooter».

MobilePet iPhone is the latest installment of the MobilePet series. 

Clear web design in color scheme that was provided by client. Website for business owners and their customers. The color palette and the elements’ appearance fully meet the requirements of this website format.

Boxing with famous political persons. 

It is needed to develop 2D games design. 

Simple, strict light web design with clean and effective usability. The design that is directly for meeting the customers’ needs: all the elements are well-seen and understandable, the colors are not annoying.

Gambling game. Prototype of Keno lottery.


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