Design Portfolio

Responsive web site with parallax effect.

We design a mobile, patient-oriented tool that couples data collection with patient engagement and gamification in order to close the compliance, recall and resolution gaps.

Logo design is also amongst services we are providing. Here are several examples of unique logos our experts have designed.

Designing application for trade association. Curent application allows memebers of association to manage amount of their goods in the shops.

Website design for demonstration of platform allowing users to create own health mobile applications.

Design for media portal.

This application helps people navigate disease and give information on the diagnosis process, treatment options, patient education videos, access to centers of excellence, a glossary of terms and more, all purposefully brought to them in easy to understand lay terms.

Design mobile application for morphing and manipulating pictures.

Internal project. Design of the application, which considers how much time the employee spent in the office.

Website design for sending out invitations for parties and weddings.


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