Design Portfolio

Clear, clean business style design for mobile application. For iPhone platform. The design is fully suitable for such a modern device as iPhone. Minimalistic, mild and bright at the same time.

Clear web design in color scheme that was provided by client. Website for business owners and their customers. The color palette and the elements’ appearance fully meet the requirements of this website format.

Game design elements

Clear unique design for mobile application-Quizer. Quizer helps you to study. For Android platform. Simple, minimalistic and friendly design that don’t bother while studying.

Web Design that reflects the spirit of Cuban dance. Eye-pleasant color palette, logic design elements and informative structure.

Mobile game design. Creating game interface, players and background images.

Clear unique design for mobile application-organizer. For Android platform. The design that suits business people. Stylish, straight but fully understandable and simple.

Simple, light web design with clean and effective usability. The colors are bright, but not overloading.

Game design. Graphic and elements design. Creating visual effects, in case of different game events.

Clear unique design for mobile application-bar code scanner. For Android platform. The design that is understandable and not annoying.


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