.NET Portfolio

The solution is a multilingual online community to be used by runners as an ongoing site. Basically, the site is a practical planning tool for runners. 

The project is a system of sites (online stores) connected to each other. The main goal of the project is making it easy to select and purchase goods, ensuring simplicity of navigation.

The software provides interface from creating reports in different dimensions based on information from database. 

160 hours

Soho is an engine for creating commercial social networks. One of the features possessed by Soho is its capability to support the internationalization of diverse languages.

The College Scadule Generator was conceived to reduce the manual paperwork required to be processed by school staff with regards to student subject choices for senior high school years.

The software provides live chat capability for any site registered in the system. In Administrator mode you can manage system languages, accounts and sites, advertisements, etc.

Hotel managing software. The software provides tools for managing huge amount of hotels grouped by countries, their rooms for different time periods.

600 hours

Complex on-line workflow automation solution. QArea designed a complex on-line workflow automation solution, based on MS ASP.NET distributed architecture and MS SQL Server back-end.

Components managing software. The software provides tool for filtering and managing products from different markets.

40 hours

Engo (learn words) is application for learning unknown words using frequency dictionary.

900 hours / In process


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