.NET Portfolio

You-Doo is a reminder, task scheduler and handy to-do-list based on proximity altogether. While very easy to use, it provides such powerful features as calendar view, live timeline, task history, GPS groups and many more. 

This software provides touristical information about different cities. User can easily filter this information, display it on map, and build routes between them.

500 hours

The software provides tool for filtering and managing products from different markets.

40 hours

.NET web-based system that includes two independent applications: an ASP.NET web application that resides on Microsoft Internet Information Server and a .NET compact framework application.

The website created in Sitecore CMS is dedicated to financial news and analytics. The main goal of the project is to provide opportunities for learning financial news and research information and statistics.


The project was launched in 2005. This is the European Marketing Association website – a professional forum for people who specializes in marketing.

1200 hours

Multilingual internet solution for creation of a unified document from several separate .doc files.

A software suite for sales and marketing professionals. QArea team has successfully completed development of the project on schedule and on budget.

The software provides control for the Healthcare organization. The system consists of two logic parts, one of which is developed for the managers and the other is for the staff of the Healthcare organization.

C#-based control animating a sequence of poker hand actions. The control can be used to "replay" hands that are obtained from on-line hand history files.


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