Drupal Portfolio

ACTTAB.com.au is the site of leading betting brokers of Australia, which is based in Canberra, ACT. The site provides users with 3 different betting services: Racing Betting, Sports Betting and Keno.

Job community portal for seeking job an creating portfolio. t allows to keep his/her profile with detailed resume, to look for job and offer the person’s services as a freelancer.

530 hrs

A site is about diseases and the ways of their treatment. All the content is mostly has descriptive nature. Creation of item with additional information about diseases.

352 hours

Redcross site is devoted to anniversary of community. Allows to add true stories related to community and its activities from the time of its foundation.

Social community system for penpal friends mailings and communication with each other from around the world.

176 hours

Music social network for groups and fans. Possibility to register as a fan or a group, creation of a group profile and other functions.

352 hours

The site with web service for booking tickets for different entertainments in America and Europe.

Over 2100 hrs

This site is a sweet portal created sourly for search, purchase, and deployment as well as marketing purposes of goods from Spain (such as designer clothing, accessories, etc.). These goods are sorted by groups in specialized stores. You will pretty much have a shopping mall right inside your browser.

The site is based on Drupal 6 and Ubercart. The Sphinx is the pages search engine. That ensures a massive searching speed-up. As if that was not enough the Sphinx will also decrease the pressure caused on servers.

HTML5 video site to iPhone mobile. Web-site on Drupal 7 platform, which allows users to upload mp4 video to the site, and then review them on iPhone in html5 video format (.ogv).

180 Hours, in progress

A system to run translation contests for professional translator community to hone their skills.


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