Easy Scout Mobile Express

This application is intended for American football coaches as addition or substitution for Easy Scout Mobile application which allows user to input data about the game and then analyze it on PC.

Game is described by many parameters. User fills some data input forms and data is stored in Access database on device and after synchronization with PC it is stored in Access database on PC. Initial application was implemented in VB, it had many big-sized forms and was difficult for using in real-time game conditions.

Easy Scout Mobile Express application has reduced and optimized user graphic interface, datagrids are used for quick browsing game records, sort and filter features are provided. Easy Scout Mobile Express application can be used together with Easy Scout Mobile application sharing the same database on device which can be easily synchronized with PC database then.

PocketPC / Windows Mobile 2002 and 2003
Microsoft Visual C# .NET <br>Compact Framework 1.1

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