Entertainment Portfolio

Online pet store where people can buy animals of different age and color. The website includes a huge base of animals and pets who are ready to find their new owners.

Website with rich interface for publishing books for iPad. E-Commerce solution for the website was realized through PayPal technology.

Corporate website of the company which provides traveling services. Advanced search tool, PayPal payment system and other online services.

Application displays the nearest restaurants. You can find out useful information and even order food.

320 hours

Application provides an access to galleries, which are designed and hosted by customer. This kind of controlling pictures and images is extremely convinievnt.

This BB app provides information about restaurant service. Users can search restaurants by selected criteria.

500 hours

Media contect browser for mobile phones. PC application with GUI interface which helps to create set of media content.

Develop an audio rip framework, allowing to rip audio tracks from audio CDs, compressed or not, as well as playback tracks, compressed and non-compressed audio files.

Application for polymorphic billiards research. The development environment is Visual Studio 6.0. (~2 human-months)

Implementation of Java Media Framework Player interface using QuickTime. User could use Player interface and the QTPlayer class that implements Player interface.


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