Gamers Social Network

Popular social network for gamers and games’ developers with place for news and opinions exchanging, discussing popular games, platforms. There is an opportunity to find partner.

Groups, teams of specialists, games and their discussions.

Event Calendar, Vacancies for developers.

Opportunity to find partners, video channel, Psi chat right on the site, invitations.

Convenient and fast search system.

Technical approaches

Gamers social network. Groups, Professionals, Games, Partners. Notification Walls, Jabber Chat.

Development Environment: 
Drupal 6, Ubuntu, Apache , Nginx, PHP 5.3, Mysql 5.1, SVN, Netbeans IDE
dxmpp (jabber chat), Mongo DB, Apache Solr, OG groups
PHP 5.3, HTML, JavaScript
Social network
Team size: 
4 developers
704 hrs

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