Games Portfolio

Multiplayer online tank game. Game has rich 2d graphics, physics, sound effects. Supports social features via open feint. Has achievements system.

Over 400 man hours

Crossplatform library for casual network gaming. Includes library, unit tests, and samples for each platform.

Application for visualizing and analyzing data about golf strike and ball flight trajectory.

many versions and iterations, over 2000 hours total, continues

For this online poker school we were required to create a platform with a big library of video and text materials...

Game design. Graphic and elements design. Creating visual effects, in case of different game events.

Create Flash Game. Category - shooter

Creating and adapting game design for pocket PCs and smartphones for Windows Mobile 2003/2005 OS and Symbian OS.

Picturesque arcade game with distinctive graphics

It is needed to develop 2D games design. 

Domino game for iPhone. All the features of the game are easily released by using touchpad functions.


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