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Variation on the famous game called "Tubes" which includes the elements of puzzle and logic. The aim of the game is to defend the tower.

Good variation on both arcade and logic themes. Within 3 screens there are two towers fighting against each other. The player's goal is to destroy the opponent's tower and not to lose his own.

The purpose of this project was to make it possible for users to play Texas Hold'em poker online. This application allows to play against the others in real time limited.

Arcade game with the elements of logic. This is the first part of trilogy mostly based on the poem of the same name written by Dante.

Using this web based application user is able to create and manage his account, set new game or edit an existing game and input his score through internet or directly from his handset (either PDA or mobile phone).

Another version of popular Socoban game. You are the lumper at a warehouse and your task is to place boxes to their numbered places.

Mobile game. You run a dolphin. The dolphin has to avoid different barriers: boats, shoals, berths and even big ships.

Texas Poker application by QArea allows for playing Texas Hold’em ( also known as Head’s Up ) Poker on Windows Mobile devices either in a single- or in a multiplayer mode.

J2ME MIDLet, Canvas classes, and sound handling classes were re-implemented. Danger uses own JDK so danger's applications have own different from j2me architecture. 

Dragracer game created by QArea is an extremely realistic racing game for mobile phone users. The game developed runs under two platforms: - J2ME - Brew.


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