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Fascinating step-type strategic game, remake of the popular game "Laser Squad" on Palm platform.

A version of arcanoid game for Palm. Ruling the rocket, player fights off the ball and breaks bricks on the field.

This is a variation of a famous game Jigsaw Puzzle which is popular among people of all ages. Some advanced features bring to the game some kind of novelty.

Player should bring the ball through the labyrinth full of dangerous objects and barriers, collecting magic crystals. Ball can never stop to move through the labyrinth.

Logical step-type game for 2 players simulating a sea battle. The game's aim is to destroy all of the opponent's ships and locate your ships in a way to make their destruction hard.

One more variation on the logic game "Balls". There are some game modes and many bonuses which bring a bit of multiplicity into the game.

The goal of the game is to shoot down nine enemy spaceships using one life and prevent the destroying of your one and to collect as much points as possible.

Isometric game, arcade. Purpose of the game is to collect all artifacts and avoid justice. This is a perfect example of what an isometric game should look like.

Variation on the famous game called "Tubes" which includes the elements of puzzle and logic. The aim of the game is to defend the tower.

Good variation on both arcade and logic themes. Within 3 screens there are two towers fighting against each other. The player's goal is to destroy the opponent's tower and not to lose his own.


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