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J2ME MIDLet, Canvas classes, and sound handling classes were re-implemented. Danger uses own JDK so danger's applications have own different from j2me architecture. 

The idea of the game is quite close to Prince of Persia, yet, its distinctive feature is in a specific parameter of rage. It is this parameter that defines the striking power of the fighting characters.

During the game the player has to survive in expectation of compatriots help. He is bestead by enemies (monsters) who differ from each other with strength and a kind of gun.

C#-based control animating a sequence of poker hand actions. The control can be used to "replay" hands that are obtained from on-line hand history files.

Crossplatform library for casual network gaming. Includes library, unit tests, and samples for each platform.

SUMO game created by QArea is an extremely realistic sumo tournament game intended for mobile phone users. It supports a wide range of devices among the Symbian, Brew and J2ME handsets.

An original logic game with simple rules and excellent graphics for Windows CE platform.

Platform 2D arcade game. The main character moves through the levels and fights his enemies. You get the first impression of the game with the first pressing the key.

Variation of famous pinball game with "Space pirates" topic. The aim of the game is to get as many scores as possible and not to lose control over ball.

Popular logic game was adapted by our company for Windows CE. Flexible tuning of screen resolution, detailed help and configuration of game options.


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