J2ME Portfolio

2D sport game. The main character is a marksman. Imagine yourself a professional marksman and move back to the times of tournaments and duels.

Logical game which in some way reminds Rubic’s cube. The difference is that this version is much easier since Rubic’s cube is solved by one combination only.

Presidential Fisticuffs allows Americans all across the country an opportunity to show their support for their party and hopeful Presidential candidate without having to wait till Election Day.

Media contect browser for mobile phones. PC application with GUI interface which helps to create set of media content.

One of the variants of a logic game "Balls", it combines both logic features of the original, and simplified mode of the game for fans of arcade

Secure bank account management application via WAP-enabled phone. Server side emulates ATM protocol for interaction with banking host system.

This game was developed solely as a demo version. However despite this fact, the game has a highly detailed location map with finely drawn objects (houses, lookout towers, etc.) 

Arcade game with the elements of logic. This is the first part of trilogy mostly based on the poem of the same name written by Dante.

During the game the player has to survive in expectation of compatriots help. He is bestead by enemies (monsters) who differ from each other with strength and a kind of gun.

Mobile game. You run a dolphin. The dolphin has to avoid different barriers: boats, shoals, berths and even big ships.


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