Jewelry Industry

The online platform allows jewelry professionals (retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers) to fully utilize the Internet to compete with online retailers.

The web-site offers the most comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technologies available to the jewelry professional today. Unlike static bulletin board websites that provide out-dated information and make their users sort through a long-string of posts to identify, buy and sell merchandise, this online platform supplier-populated database ensures that information is easily searchable, up-to-date and uniform resulting in a practically tangible product that sells itself.

The site is comprehensive technology tool that opens great business opportunities by enabling owners of jewelry stores to create online shops with custom design without need of creation their own site. Besides the site itself, most notable features are Live Help (jabber client with web frontend), Geo search (by address or zip) for shops/goods withing given radius or within given area.

The major challenge of QArea is the implemention of many features for the site, among them:

  • IM live help – web frontend to Jabber servers which gives site visitors live support while support staff use any jabber client.
  • Sell/buy forums, which allow convenient trade between different store owners. Google geo search of nearest stores by given radius or postcode.
OS Linux
CakePHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax, Google Maps API, etc
Web site

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