Medical Specialists Portal

List of hospitals and their employees. Hospitals and doctors mixed retrieval system.Main tasks:

  1. Spread-out registration process of users, addition of several sections.
  2. Adaption and speedup of the mail search and filtrations. There were used Views and customer code for loading GMaps maps based on the selection of Views.
  3. Theming and setting up users interface.

Technical approaches

List of medical centers and doctors related to them

  • user registration section with shared user database tables
  • multisite structure
  • integration with PagoRed payment gateway
  • search list of center/doctor
  • user and clinic profiles
  • custom location display during search
  • custom search form and structure with HS elements
  • search process performance
Development Environment: 
Drupal 6, Ubuntu, Apache , Nginx, PHP 5.3, Mysql 5.1, SVN, Netbeans IDE
Views, Apache Solr, Content Profile, HS, Gmaps, Location + multisite structure.
PHP 5.3, HTML, JavaScript
Team size: 
3 developers
352 hours

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