News & Portals Portfolio

The internet Newspaper: news blogs video community. Long-term project with a dedicated team model.

Mobile client for The Huffington Post news system. Versions for iPhone and iPad. Social integration (comments to articles), etc.

In process

Online community of global citizens who take action on the major issues facing the world today. Email list, operated in 13 languages.

Data portal is made for users trying to advertising their travel packages, on the one hand, and users trying to choose suitable travel package on the other hand.

Over 2100 hrs

Site of certain regions weather display Integration. Ajax based functionality for map and points refresh, which allows to show weather changes in interactive form.

352 hours

Sport data portal with matches’ advertisements, reviews, reports, blogs, sport’s news and main tasks. There is a large media collection of pictures, videos, audio material and documents.

530 hrs

Online newspapers and magazines data portal. Pages based on AJAX views with custom filters by taxonomy interactive widgets on main pages.

352 hours

UCreator -  this multisite system allows users to post multilingual content and it also supports custom site constructor to let users ability to create their own sites with custom content and themes.

This is a video news portal featuring materials aimed at the young generation.

The major goal is to enable access to the news posts both from the site and from mobile devices. Also a comfortable interface for editors needs to be created.

25 month

Data media portal. Possibility of viewing video of different format, pictures, links and texts. Possibility of users leave their feedback and create a new content depends on the role.

880 hours


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