Other Services Portfolio

The internet Newspaper: news blogs video community. Long-term project with a dedicated team model.

Designing application for trade association. Curent application allows memebers of association to manage amount of their goods in the shops.

The application is a convenient online advertisment viewer. It enables reading customer advertisments as well as sending your own advertisments.

1800 hours

Website design for demonstration of platform allowing users to create own health mobile applications.

Responsive web site with parallax effect.

Application provides technical support for mobile operators (“Call support”, “Video support”, “Operator support”).

300 hours

Social media aggregator for managing social media information.

700 hours

We design a mobile, patient-oriented tool that couples data collection with patient engagement and gamification in order to close the compliance, recall and resolution gaps.

DressMe is a project developed specially for fashion brands and retailers in a form of location-based marketing platform which provides customers with information about location of brands, products, fashion stores they want to find using web search. Our developers used Google Maps to make this service as efficient as possible.

Android application that makes donations to Church easier. Find nearest church, browse churches, select payment option etc. Target OS – Android 4.0


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