Palm Portfolio

Application for Palm test automation. A goal of this project was to create an application for Palm test automation. The Test suite developed consists of two parts.

Fully operating mail client for Palm platform which is used for composing and delivering of SMS messages with mobile phone.

Player should bring the ball through the labyrinth full of dangerous objects and barriers, collecting magic crystals. Ball can never stop to move through the labyrinth.

Key blocking application for Palm. Key blocker allows you to lock Palm while running certain programs on it.

The purpose of this application is to allow one Palm OS device to maintain two completely separate categories of appointments. These appointments can be for business/personal use.

It consists of the Palm-part and the PC-part (Custom Conduit). The PC-part converts and uploads CSV file to the Palm database. CSV file contains the voters list which is created from a SQL database. 

Remote database administration tool This tool can be used for remote database administration from any HTML, WAP or Palm PQA compatible browser. 

The primary function of PC and Palm part of this software is to keep the user catalog of Videotapes and Events - custom labels are set for each Videotape. 

The advantage of time logger (compared to similar tools), is that it records time while the palm device is off. This is a valuable tool on a device which turns it off every 3 minutes or less. 

A set of tools for brochure reading, editing and creating for Palm. Our company has developed a collection of 3 interrelated Palm brochure tools.


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