PHP Portfolio

Multilanguage OsCommerce system which supports about 20 languages and is based on different subdomains.

About 160 hours, in progress

Social community for sports people. Profiles, clubs, marketplace, gallery of pictures and videos, sponsors and sport sections.

1000 hours

Web project provides a single location for recording all products, their Features, Services and Variables.

Development of services and API for partners of iPharmacist using MVC-based, Rails-like own system using Perl.

Social shopping community created and supported by members for deal fanatics. At DealBundle you can find quality deals submitted by members from around the world.

Web application was built to manage online payments for purchasing advertisement in iCall application.

Web based social networking system with built-in communication tool for interactive family-tree creation.

'Football United' is a collaborative project which aims to encourage youth participation in football throughout Iraq and through this to promote relations between the UK and all Iraqis.

ProductsTransportation is search system that finds restaurants delivering to specific address.The web site has a powerful part with intensive use of AJAX.

A community site having such functions as users registration, user profile editing, user login, forgot password features, RSS generator and other.


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