PHP Portfolio

Plugin creation for Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers to increase usability of the Minedit web site and extend site functionality.

Testing System. Blue Ribbon LLC provides schools and districts in Connecticut with an assessment tool that will provide a state specific product, with a user friendly interface.

Intranet-site for firewall control. The application represents a web-interface to logos, that safeguard the data of two net components' work. (~1 human-month)

The site which enables commercial loans via the Internet. It makes the loaning procedure quicker owing to the simplified online procedure. 1human / 90hours

This is a resource for those seeking consultancy from lawyers registered in the system. Advanced lawyer search and a convenient Q / A tracking interface.

Online shop of design studio services developed according to the customer's requirement on the basis of the box version frame provided by DarCart online shop. (2humans / 60 hours)

Sugar RM development. New modules, support of sevral dozens of clients. Contiguous support of GMG360 clients, development of new forms, per-client customization of forms.

UniOrder is a university eProcurement application. It allows university staff to place orders at different vendors’ sites using a single university-wide account. 

Web-site with a convent to be completely determined by the customer (developer ~140 hours and designer ~30 hours)

Search network database which uses protocol. The whole product was re-written from scratch, multithread Gnutella search client and web-interface. (1.5 human-months)


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