Application is geolocation app with integrated Google maps and have functions listed below:

  • user authorization (login/password)
  • periodically refreshed geoposition of the mobile
  • communication with the server app
  • visualization of the mobile position on the google maps
  • visualization of the other mobiles logged to the system in a defined range e.g. 100m, 0m
  • visualization of virtual objects added as a layer to the map - layers should be possible to define in server app
  • bidirectional text communication (not sms) between server app other mobile users
  • visualization of the "target" with simple graphic directions (compass based) how to reach the target location

Web server app has the following functions:

  • web app is managing console for the system and logged client mobile users
  • visualization of all logged-in users on the map
  • visualization of all communication between mobile devices and server app
  • possibility of broadcasting messages to mobile users or groups of users
  • possibility of graphical layers definition and virtual objects on the layers, meeting points, targets etc.
  • app should be multilingual ready.
Android OS
Android application
Team size: 
1 developer
320 hours

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