Blackberry Portfolio

Application provides information about all products by category, shows images, reviews, shows product cost and enables users to add products to their shopping carts.

1000 hours

Application provides technical support for mobile operators (“Call support”, “Video support”, “Operator support”).

300 hours

This BB app provides information about restaurant service. Users can search restaurants by selected criteria.

500 hours

Simple application which helps to calculate IRR. The application designed for automating calculations using algorithms provided by the customer.

100 hours

Application provided information about hotels service. Users can search hotels by selected criteria(Sort&Filters).

600 hours

Download and browse issues, post feed (twitter, facebook). Once an issue has been downloaded, it can be viewed without a network connection.

160 hours

Librarian of Barcode data reader for read, save, create database of barcode in local memory and send an email barcode.

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