Secure Suite for Different PDA's

A thorough research enabled to implement new revolutionary ideas on the basis of 4 handheld platforms: Palm OS, Pocket PC, Symbian OS, RIM OS. The results of our research discovered new principles of security for different PDA OS which differ from the standard ones. Working with OS on deep level and using of OS undocumented performance capabilities made it possible to develop powerful and flexible security tool. PDA Secure Suit enables users to gain full control over the access to the data stored on handheld devices.

Security Tools:

1.Access rights differentiation (for corporation employee and for the administrator):

  • password change control,
  • password complexity control (upper/lower register, digits, special symbols),
  • password restoration,
  • system lockup after several (n) incorrect passwords insert attempts. (device rebooting, temporary lockup, lockup with the subsequent administrators interference, wiping all critical data).

2.All critical data is wiped:

  • provided a special password is inserted (Administrator can remind/make an employee specify it),
  • automatically provided computer-device synchronization did not take place for several (n) days

3.Encrypting (on-the-fly) files (on mask), databases (mail, contacts, tasks, calendar) and data on additional Flash-card. There is a list of permitted applications which provide automatic data decryption after the data activation. The following algorithms are used for encryption: AES, TDES, TwoFish, BlowFish, XOR, RC4 with different key length.

4.Passwords for the application on start:

  • password change control,
  • password complexity control (upper/lower register, digits, special symbols).

5.Access rights differentiation for the corporation employee according to his working schedule.

6.Access rights differentiation for the communication tools of the device:

  • Switching on/off Wi-Fi
  • Switching on/off BlueTooth
  • Switching on/off IrDa
  • Switching on/off SD card
  • Switching on/off Camera
  • Switching on/off recording function and sound function
  • Switching on/off computer synchronization function

7.Access limitation for different settings on the device, hiding applications (Palm OS)

8.Software installation control programs and libraries can be deleted after

PocketPC / Windows Mobile 2003 - 2005, Palm, RIM, Symbian
Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0, Microsoft Visual C++ 2005
Security software

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