Security Portfolio

Software system which provides protection, control and secure access to different handheld devices and data

Client application to a netbilling system that allows to make simple transactions. User-friendly interface.

The goal was to provide memo pad software for Palm with password protection and encryption based on strong cryptography.

Application that captures signatures via a Pocket PC client and synchronize them with SQL Server through a web service.

Web project provides a single location for recording all products, their Features, Services and Variables.

Web-server secure profile managing suite. These profiles are used by manager to define the rights and establish access limitations for system users.

It is a dynamic link library designed to perform translation of raw logs from network systems to XML format (for ongoing processing by network management system) with executable module designed to facilitate the testing of module itself and of network management system. It also generates raw logs based on statistical distribution of network events given.

Module that converts device binary logs to XML text logs of special format. Designed to achieve maximum performance. Raw log generator generates binary logs, using system parameters and event probabilities as input.

The task was to secure IP traffic between several client machines in a large network. Since unauthorized workstation could theoretically intercept packets, traffic security mechanism was implemented.

Clean-room Java implementation of SSH2 protocol. Includes public APIfor SSH2 connection setup, user password and certificate authentication, SSH2 channel setup, local and remote port forwarding. 


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