Sports Portal

Sport data portal with matches’ advertisements, reviews, reports, blogs, sport’s news and main tasks. There is a large media collection of pictures, videos, audio material and documents.

  • The convenience of content management was achieved by usage of Drupal system rights and written the browsing module before its reviewing.
  • The convenience in location of certain content types on pages. There was written the module based on Ctools api and panels api.
  • It was planned to have heavy traffic. There was used a library memcached as annual cache and 2 servers Varnish + native load balancer as external cache for this purpose. Adviser was used as the advertisement server configured the way all advertisements on a page rendered for one query to adserver.

Technical approaches

  • panels Everywhere
  • custom panel for each node and ability to customize each nodes in system
  • apache solr integration
  • varnish as external caching system
  • memcached as internal caching
  • ability for admin preview nodes before it will be posted
  • custom widgets as ctools content types
  • custom menu based on nodes and node references
Development Environment: 
Drupal 6, Ubuntu, Apache , Nginx, PHP 5.3, Mysql 5.1, SVN, Netbeans IDE
Panels Everywhere, Varnish, Memcached, Apache Solr
PHP 5.3, HTML, JavaScript
Team size: 
4 developers
530 hrs

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