Symfony Portfolio

Sproutback is an Australian based crowdfunding platform that aims to help people show off their creative projects to the world, as well as to help people find amazing projects to support.

Platform which allows to make reservation in any restaurant from the list. Reservation payments can be done via Banesto payment gateway and PayPal.

Online travels shop and hotel booking. Development of the travel agency site with leading hotels offers around the world.

About 3500 hours

For this online poker school we were required to create a platform with a big library of video and text materials...

There were few classes implemented representing the EPP entities. The task was to integrate with Norid (Norway registry) and IIS (Swedish registry).

The portal is based on the Symfony platform, which was extended with vilago21 platform functionality.

Loki® adds location to any website allowing users to register for Skyhook Javascript API key and promoting this technology to web-developers/site owners.

The main idea is that your friends who care about you always know what you like and what you want.

To create a highly-customizable CRM that can operate configurable business entities. Basic CRM features like customer creation/invoice sending.

Web project provides a single location for recording all products, their Features, Services and Variables.

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