Weather Outlook

Site of certain regions weather display Integration

  • OpenLayers with Google maps
  • Creation of additional layers on the map which display weather icons
  • Creation of migration script XML - to – nodes
  • Creation of connections between content types
  • Use of memcached for external cache
  • Creation AJAX elements overload on the map

Technical approaches

Weather cast site:

  • integration with openlayers maps + google maps,
  • Ajax based functionality for map and points refresh, which allows to show weather changes in interactive form.
  • we use cities as nodes.
  • we implemented import from third party services (xml based)
  • we use boost for external caching
  • we use OpenLayers lib and Google map as base layer for maps
  • we use memcached for internal caching
Development Environment: 
Drupal 6, Ubuntu, Apache , Nginx, PHP 5.3, Mysql 5.1, SVN, Netbeans IDE
Views, CCK, memcached, boost
PHP 5.3, HTML, JavaScript
Web site
Team size: 
4 developers
352 hours

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