Web & Open Source Portfolio

This site is a sweet portal created sourly for search, purchase, and deployment as well as marketing purposes of goods from Spain (such as designer clothing, accessories, etc.). These goods are sorted by groups in specialized stores. You will pretty much have a shopping mall right inside your browser.

Advanced internet search server developed with the accent on encoding problems (~1 human-year)

Online community of global citizens who take action on the major issues facing the world today. Email list, operated in 13 languages.

The portal is based on the Symfony platform, which was extended with vilago21 platform functionality.

Social media aggregator for managing social media information.

700 hours

Online shop of sport goods and equipments

Feb 2013 - Apr 2013

DressMe is a project developed specially for fashion brands and retailers in a form of location-based marketing platform which provides customers with information about location of brands, products, fashion stores they want to find using web search. Our developers used Google Maps to make this service as efficient as possible.

Real time ad system for real-estate branch

A system to run translation contests for professional translator community to hone their skills.

The Application that shows schedule and score of several sports games on web site and enables users to follow their favorite teams anytime.


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