Web & Open Source Portfolio


The project was launched in 2005. This is the European Marketing Association website – a professional forum for people who specializes in marketing.

1200 hours

ProductsTransportation is search system that finds restaurants delivering to specific address.The web site has a powerful part with intensive use of AJAX.

Santa- Monica Scateborders' Site (1human / 200 hours). Portal that contains an e-shop of skateboardes group who are fond of painting.

UniOrder is a university eProcurement application. It allows university staff to place orders at different vendors’ sites using a single university-wide account. 

Testing System. Blue Ribbon LLC provides schools and districts in Connecticut with an assessment tool that will provide a state specific product, with a user friendly interface.

Data processing automation system for mobile communications lines network provider (~1 human/year)

Automobile Auction (1 human/200 hours). Integrated LinkPoint payment system. The site content is generated automatically.

This is a community site of a company offering user support. The conference members are divided into groups. The moderator is enabled to grant privileges to groups.

Human Resources management system. Business Automation application for fast-developing company

1 human/month

Antique shop site (1human/80hours + 40 hours design). A simple e-shop without payment systems.


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