Web & Open Source Portfolio

The website created in Sitecore CMS is dedicated to financial news and analytics. The main goal of the project is to provide opportunities for learning financial news and research information and statistics.


The project was launched in 2005. This is the European Marketing Association website – a professional forum for people who specializes in marketing.

1200 hours

Antique shop site (1human/80hours + 40 hours design). A simple e-shop without payment systems.

The site which enables commercial loans via the Internet. It makes the loaning procedure quicker owing to the simplified online procedure. 1human / 90hours

Our task was to restructure the site with preservation of the products of the customer. The site used xCart commercial product as e-shop. 

Online shop of design studio services developed according to the customer's requirement on the basis of the box version frame provided by DarCart online shop. (2humans / 60 hours)

Plugin creation for Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers to increase usability of the Minedit web site and extend site functionality.

Development of services and API for partners of iPharmacist using MVC-based, Rails-like own system using Perl.

Web-site with a convent to be completely determined by the customer (developer ~140 hours and designer ~30 hours)

Only.com offers the world's largest and most complete family of subject-specific portals, all sharing the prefix: Only-.



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