Web & Open Source Portfolio


The project was launched in 2005. This is the European Marketing Association website – a professional forum for people who specializes in marketing.

1200 hours

Only.com offers the world's largest and most complete family of subject-specific portals, all sharing the prefix: Only-.


Real time ad system for real-estate branch

Intranet-site for firewall control. The application represents a web-interface to logos, that safeguard the data of two net components' work. (~1 human-month)


Game-center net performance automation system. The System was complemented with a function to turn off internet service automatically for users with zero accounts.

4 human/months

Web based social networking system with built-in communication tool for interactive family-tree creation.

OrgSupply is a university eProcurement application. It allows university staff to place orders at different vendors’ sites using a single university-wide account. 

This is a resource for those seeking consultancy from lawyers registered in the system. Advanced lawyer search and a convenient Q / A tracking interface.

A community site having such functions as users registration, user profile editing, user login, forgot password features, RSS generator and other.

MyLoki is a service offered by Boston-based SkyHook Wireless . Skyhook can determine your location based on the nearest WiFi routers that it picks up through your computer.


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